Daigo Saito heads to Europe for the final rounds of 2018!

After his debut with the insane 2JZ Lexus SC430 in the Philippines, reigning Federal Tyres King of Nations Champion Daigo Saito now heads to Europe as he prepares to fight to retain his title in the two remaining rounds alongside the Federal Tyres King of Europe series.

As well as Daigo himself, the SC430 has too gained a huge following and with almost 1400bhp on tap from the 3.4L stroked 2JZ whilst weighing in at just 1,280kg, it's easy to see why!

Also competing for top spots on both podiums will be Kuwait's Nasser Almutairi, who currently occupies the 4th spot on the overall rankings alongside Toni 'Half Breeds' Arakaki and 2016 Champion Nicolas Delorme, as his BMW E30 prepares to return more impressive than ever!

With double points on offer in both the King of Europe and King of Nations series at the grand final in Greece, the local drivers are going to have to push harder than ever for the final spots!

If you want to witness history as this incredible beast lands in Europe, make sure you don't miss out on the final two rounds of the 2018 season in Greinbach, Austria on 29th/30th September and Serres, Greece on 6th/7th October!

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